Values: Justice, Strength, Courage
Capital: Bjorikston
Lord: Erik the Quiet
Color: Maroon

Settled in the northern forests of Umbria, the Bear Clan hold to the traditional values of Nord culture. While they share the general good-naturedness of their southern cousins the Elks, the Bears disapprove of their civilized courts of law and pompous ceremonies. They prefer to do things as their ancestors did, so much so that some practice ancestor worship or even the totemic religion found in the common history of the Nords.

The Bears probably have the best relationships with the non-human races settled in Umbria, friends of both the Dwarves and Elves that call the forests and mountains of the north home. While they are often confused or frightened by the tinkering of the Gnomes, they hold no hatred for them. Bears are known for being incredibly friendly and staunch allies once their trust is gained.

However, the Bear clan hold a severe and longstanding hatred for members of the Wolf Clan. While most of the clans have dubious relationships at best with each other, the Bear and Wolf clans are almost at open war with each other. The only thing that prevents them from tearing into each other is the worry that their war would bring the combined forces of the other four clans down on victor and loser alike. Ironically, the two clans are most similar in their admiration of the old ways, but polar opposites in their goals and means of reaching those goals.


Their capital city, Bjorikston, is nestled in the forests to the North. Instead of chopping down the trees to build their homes, the Bears instead used nature’s gifts and built up and into the trees themselves, though a significant part of their economy does come from lumber. The heirophants and elders have woven spells on certain patches of trees to make them grow quick and thick, providing plenty of timber for trade and construction. Much of this is shipped down the Laxbraut in large slow barges to be traded in Trassfjord

The Bear clan is ruled by a single Heirarch, who is counseled by the Wise Elders. Unlike most other tribes, the Bears put less stock in family name, and long dynasties of Heirarchs from a single family are rare. More often, the leader is elected due to his physical or mental prowess and deeds proved on the battlefield.

The current leader, Erik the Quiet, is a huge Nordic monk of incredible size. Interestingly enough, he is a proponent of burying the hatchet with the Wolf clan, a political idea that is incredibly polarizing.


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