Values: Wealth, Speechcraft, Independence
Capital: Trassfjord
Lord: Ulfric Nine-fingers
Color: Forest green

While other clans may boast military prowess, none would dare openly contest the Boar Clan for their marketplace prowess. With their capital seated right at the meeting of the Giant’s Hand rivers, they are in control of most all the trading that is done between the clans. And with so much traffic going through their port, no one notices the occasional misplaced shipment. The Boar Clan are on neutral, if not friendly, terms with most of the other clans, but know that without a strong military they cannot flex their mercantilic muscle too much.

As their military is used mostly to protect trade routes from bandits and brigands and guard their wealth in towns, the Boar Clan are known to hire the most outside help. Many have even gotten over the usual Nord prejudice against foreigners. Mercenary groups from all over can be found in Trassfjord, and few have ever complained of the Boar’s generosity.

The Boar nobility are obsessed with their titles, and political office is as much a tradeable commodity as wheat or gold. The dukes and barons are likely to change each month, but the current Lord, Ulfric Nine-fingers, has been in office for a staggering 20 years. While he enjoys a seemingly care-free life of leisure in Trassfjord, the stress of his job has taken its toll on his balding head.


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