Drakespine Mountains

Ever seen a drake up close? Nasty little buggers, with rows of big, sharp, pointy teeth…why, just look at the BONES, man!

The Drakespine Mountains encompasses the ranges in the north and west of Umbria. They extend down to a gap where the city of Woodswatch stands, and then resume again as the Wyrmstooth Mountains.

They are named, not surprisingly, for the number of drakes who call the mountains home, alongside orcs, giants, and other unsavory types.

Underneath the Drakespine Mountains, there is rumored to be a vast network of tunnels built by ancient predecessors of the dwarves. These tunnels are said to hold artifacts of great power. However, while many adventurers have attempted to delve into these depths, very few return, giving the area the nickname “The Maw”. A small town has started up outside of the largest entrance to the caverns, and it is a meeting point for many would-be adventuring groups.

Drakespine Mountains

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