Values: Honor, Truth, Mercy
Capital: Soryn
Holdings: Highwater, Eastvale, Westvale, Sharne
Lord: Arthur Dale
Color: Navy blue

Often regarded as the strongest of the clans, the Elk Clan have the largest capital and have produced the most Patriarchs of the six clans. They boast the strongest navy, and their infantry are known for their resolve and conviction. The politics of the Elk Clan are fairly complex. Their government consists of a hereditary monarch who rules over elected officials for a cabinet and each county. The Dale family has ruled the Elk Clan, for better or for worse, for centuries. Officials are re-elected every 3 years. The Lord has a cabinet, with a member for military, trade, etc., and each town has a Mayor. The economy of their towns is communistic, with each member producing enough for the town, along with a small amount extra to be sent to the capital. Only in the capital does a truly free market thrive, simply because it is so large and contains many foreigners.

Part of the reason for the Elk prowess is their location. Not only do they have the bounty of the sea, but their fields are fertile and the mountains to the east have rich ore deposits. The Elk Clan are one of the few who could be self-sustainable without trade, though they feel it is responsible to establish good relations with their neighbors.

Their capital, Soryn, is named after a legendary city said to contain the souls of all the Patriarchs and great Nords. Given their diplomatic nature and considerable strength, the Elk Clan often acts as somewhat of a police force for crises throughout Umbria.


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