Chef LeRouge




Éric LeRouge remembers but a pinch of his life in Umbria before he was whisked away to the Foreign Royal Academy of Nursing, Cuisine, and Etiquette. For the next dozen-and-one years of his life, the young Nord trained under the guild’s finest bakers, barbers, and butlers until he earned the right and privilege to wear the title – and hat and apron – of Chef.

Chef forms close bonds – he lives to serve those close to him and works to strengthen those bonds through the arts of coiffure and cuisine. LeRouge fights to uphold the ideals of community and civilization, maintaining an eager attitude and subtle influence of lawful goodness over his companions.

Chef travels completely equipped with an entire arsenal of kitchenware, utensils, serving- and silver-ware, and he is not afraid to use these tools – including his trusty frying pan and his favorite fishing pole – in lethal combat. Though he has newly graduated from the academy, LeRouge is exploring a specialization in cooking the great beasts and monsters of his homeland in the styles of the greater known world. Throughout his travels, Chef hopes to amass not only a great collection of spices and ingredients, but also enough adventurous recipes to publish his great work- a first-class monster cookbook and manifesto in the honorable warrior chef lifestyle

Chef LeRouge

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