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This is where I’m trying to keep track of the majority of my worldbuilding for the world of Theras, and more specifically the continent of Umbria. Several of the pages may have little tidbits thrown in by Reindsud, the narrator of this wiki and one of my self-inserts.

You can click “see all pages” over to the right to browse, or type into the grey “search” bar up at the top. When searching for something, try using the following tags to narrow your search:

Other broad categories/pages to get you going:

While most of this information is generic Umbrian lore and facts, there are also pages on characters, creatures, locations, and more that may be specific to the “Brighthollow” campaign, though other holdovers from “The Maw” and “The Stones of Ullr” can also be found.

Also don’t click on any light purple wiki links. Those are there for whenever I get around to making those pages, but I think they’ll just rerout you out of it and ask you to sign up to edit it if you do, so just save yourself the trouble.

Main Page

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