Nidhogg is a member of the Pantheon, and god of monsters and violence. He is a beast born from Helgrid, and while Astorian claims to be his father to maintain appearances, there are some that believe he was begot by the Primordial of Wrath

Nidhogg is rarely worshipped by Nords, but occasionally statues and carvings of him will be placed around settlements in an attempt to ward off the beasts and bands of monsters that make the forests and mountains of Umbria so dangerous.

Nidhogg is also believed to be the father of all dragons

Because of his chaotic and bestial nature, Nidhogg was exiled from Godsgard by Jarl, though he retained his deity status and power. Though he can take many forms, he is most commonly depicted as either a gargantuan winged dragon or a huge sea serpent, prowling the deep oceans and dark recesses of the world.


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