Soryn is the capital of the Elk Clan. It is a shining city, perched atop the cliffs overlooking Brimskr Bay.

Notable locations include Temple Peak, where the only temple housing shrines to each one of the Pantheon exists. Underneath this is the Necropolis, where many Patriarchs and other notable Nords are buried.

There are two large natural arches that make up the paths to the center of the city. The neighborhood at the end of the Northern arch is one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Umbria. It is called Ridgedale (originally “Ridge of Dale”, when Soryn was first founded), and is the home of the Elk Clan’s parliamentary castle, Stag Keep.

A third middle arch is named Baelyn’s Bridge, and contains the largest thoroughfares in and out of the central city. This originally was a solid wall of stone, but the bottom was hollowed out to make for easier travel between the northern and southern edges of the city by Lord Baelyn Dale in the early Second Era. Also here is the Foreign Quarter, a part of the city that is predominately mainlanders and refugees, but also where a significant amount of long-distance trading takes place.

On the southern edge of the city, tucked away in between the cliffs where the tide and wake are slowed, is Backwater Bay. While the Elk Armada and patrolmen do a commendable job keeping the majority of the city safe, a city as large as Soryn is bound to have some rougher parts, and Backwater Bay is exactly that.

Nestled along the southern arch, Brighthollow is a quiet neighborhood of middle-class traders, merchants, and academics that has become famous in recent years because of its non-magickal electrolytes, a system of illumination using electrical power that was created by the Professor Alabastrius Fizzbender.

The city gets its name after the great hall of Jarl in Godsgard, where the Pantheon and dead Nordic heroes spend their time feasting, drinking, and fighting.



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