The Maw

The Maw is the name given to a huge underground system of caverns and ruins found deep in the Drakespine Mountains. The area was first discovered towards the end of the Second Era, and saw a flood of would-be adventurers arrive The influx was so great that a shanty-town was brought up right outside the largest entrance. After the initial plundering of the upper levels, the traffic through slowed somewhat. However, there is still a steady influx of fortune seekers, enough that Ondsgard stands still today.

While parts of the Maw are clearly natural caverns, there are other parts that seem to have been carved into ruins and deliberate pathways, though none know if this was by the dwarves, dark elves, some other unknown race of yore, or even, as some explorers believe, the gods themselves.

As explorers delved deeper, they roused some of the resident creatures of the deep. Occasionally these will escape to the surface, which causes quite a bit of commotion for the residents of Ondsgard, and has become a not-too-infrequent problem for them.


The Maw

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