Helgrid is a member of the Pantheon, and goddess of lies and deceit. She is the youngest sister of Eir and Vana, and was deeply in love with Loki. However, after the gods fled to Godsgard and Loki became increasingly unpredictable, she found her love quite unrequited. She became almost inconsolable for a time, until Jarl found her a new husband in Astorian. After learning of her new husbands frequent “conquests” while off fighting wars, she no longer felt guilty about her own fancies and pursues them freely. She manages to come up with elaborate distractions, disguises, and excuses when confronted by her husband, who often flies off into a jealous rage. However, even if he were to catch her in the act, he is below her in the familial power ranking of the Pantheon, and would be powerless to act against her in anger.

Helgrid has quite the mixed bag when it comes to worshippers. She is generally revered by thieves and scoundrels for her ability to sneak, deceive and dupe those around her. For her multiple infidelities, she is seen as a patroness to prostitutes and whores. However, other circles focus on her devotion to her original husband, Loki, and instead pray to her as a goddess of love.

Depictions of her vary moreso than most gods, but they are united in portraying her as a being of immense beauty. Generally she is a young woman with blonde hair.



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